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About – is a lovely wardrobe that accompanies you throughout your brilliant youth years!

Dear May Boutique girl, 11 years ago, a new brand was born in Hanoi. Diversity of style and always fresh is how May Boutique has appeared.

From the moment it started, May Boutique always strives every day with the desire to see beautiful girls in our products.

More than 1,000 product samples per month, 5,000,000 customers over 11 years with countless girls’ love and support for the brand is the daily motivation of the May Boutique team.

With the desire to diversify the fashion products in your wardrobe with the flexibility to mix and match and bring freshness every day, we have put our whole heart into each activity in the stores. Radiant beauty, full of joy, youth and lots of good experiences for girls is the journey May Boutique pursues.

Thank you, for 10 wonderful years together. Hope to be together for a long time in the future, friends!